I bring the rigor and professionalism of an executive leadership coach to the personal arenas of your life and work. Since 2014, I've practiced as an ontological coach trained to ICF competencies.

I have a diverse background in ontology, mindfulnesscommunication theorypositive psychology,  esoteric and gnostic wisdom, quantum studies, kundalini, meditation, vibrational light language work, and energy healing that combine to jolt you out of control patterns and realize your greatest dreams.


Using the power thought, sounds, sight, motion, and story as programming language, I help you upgrade your system in new, beneficial ways and write an updated,  empowered narrative for your life.

I work intuitively through a multidisciplinary and multidimensional framework to illuminate, dissolve, and transmute dense energies, blind spots, unresolved issues, limiting beliefs, and contexts that are ultimately diminishing your access to the best life possible.

I use my gifts to pierce the unknown within the psyche, provoke new states of being, and bring forth unexpected opportunity areas. I guide clients into a state of nothingness (zero-point), from which they can birth new holographic worlds.

Working with unicorn energies, I am able to tune into your soul longings to enable the fulfillment of great visions. Upon request, I am able to channel (or provide messages from) your future self, higher self, or inner child.

As a committed lifelong learner and coaching professional, I integrate these modalities and more into my offering, keeping me fresh and gifting you with a truly one of a kind service that considers your individual interests, style, and desired outcomes.


I grew up deep inside the matrix. A timespace in which everyone is lead to believe only a special few have worth. That's how some of the other teenagers growing up in my neighborhood accidentally got themselves killed.

I was born into a middle-class, average American family in Phoenix, Arizona. Our 3 bedroom ranch home nestled on a quiet cul-de-sac. My older sister and I played outside with neighborhood kids and fought over household chores and the tv remote. Dad worked as a Christian Baptist pastor and university professor of theology. Mom stayed at home through my toddler years then went back to work at the office. I was 8 years old when the Phoenix Lights phenomenon occurred and 10 when I first stepped foot in the Sedona vortex. These are my first remembered multidimensional experiences.

When we moved to Georgia I was starting puberty. I spent many nights in confusion, shame, fear, anger, and despair as I attempted to pray something I thought was awful about myself away. Just like my adult role models of the time, I emotionally ate to fill a core emptiness I felt in my depths. A decade before marriage equality, I was homosexual without gay or queer identity representation in the suburbs of the discriminatory South. This taught me to be hyper-conscious and keenly observant. I shut down what I thought unacceptable about myself and others. I sought to fit in – to pass. I only wanted to be noticed for the carefully curated image I projected. The walls I erected around myself made me small.

At the time I finished college, I had regained the 50 pounds I once lost as a fat kid attending Weight Watchers, and packed on another 50+ from all-you-can-eat dining halls and late-night drinking binges with fraternity brothers. At 21 years old, on a road-trip  to the “World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party” my phone rang. It was Mom. Dad died. After losing his religion and entering a decade long void of addiction, he passed at age 50 suffering a heart attack on his crack dealer's sofa. Mom was going through bankruptcy. I was numb. All I wanted was to leave this place that never felt like home.

Using the intellect I inherited and the degree I earned, I embarked on a career in advertising. By age 25, I had moved to LA and NYC twice, lived in the hippest neighborhoods, embraced the bicoastal fantasy, jetted across Europe, upped my income to the coveted six-figure mark, and helped brands sell and make meaning to people. I turned my body around, losing 100 pounds in 9 months through a protocol of radical diet, lifestyle change, and daily workouts on Santa Monica Beach.

These status accomplishments felt good at the time. But like the illusory reward of junk food in my earlier days they couldn't satisfy my deeper human needs. Thank god a 5-year toxic relationship with a narcissistic boss-turned-business-partner pushed me to the edges of my ego and helped me claim my light.

I worked on this business while attending an intensive executive coach training and life design academy on Wall Street. Of all places, it was here my heart grew three sizes! I manifested a relationship with my life partner 11,000 miles away and enjoyed a storybook romance that culminated in Los Angeles.

I began learning from the self-initiated throughout the city of angels. Hundreds of workshops later, and plenty of independent study into various healing and transformative arts and sciences made me a well-rounded informant on countless methods, medicines, and mindsets people practice to improve their life.

I left the full-time working world of advertising in 2014 as my growth strategy to expand my exposure and enrich my life. This decision, while difficult at the time, unfolded naturally and blossomed my professional career in new interesting, novel, and personally fulfilling ways. I launched passion projects and new businesses, had time to find true love and friendship, and the space to explore my inner world, seek and apply different wisdoms. All of this with the fringe benefits of working from anywhere on the planet. What could be better?!

The learning curve has been steep and the waters unknown. I've gone through the gamut along my journey too. Racking up accolades I never would have dreamed to be as such – like being undefeated in litigation.

I attribute most of my victories in life to keeping good on my promise to show up for myself—to do the work of self-discovery, to traverse a journey of pain, and then integrate the juicy lessons into a more fulfilling next chapter. 

My dream wedding was held January 2016 in Beverly Hills. My husband is now a permanent resident in the States, remains the love of my life, and is my best friend. We work at it a lot. In our telenovela together, we have become strict vegans, created beautiful homes together in Los Angeles and Miami Beach, and rescued Ziggy the dog from a shelter.

My imperative is to enable you to realize your impact potential by unlocking answers and illuminating fresh understanding.