I help you experience awe and aha


Since 2014, I’ve practiced as a professional guide trained to International Coach Federation competencies.


I incorporate transformational ontology, mindfulness, communication theory, positive psychology, quantum mechanics, metaphysics, and more into our work together.


These modalities collaborate to free you from control patterns, clarify your visions, and manifest desired outcomes.

​Through a multidimensional framework, we illuminate, dissolve, transmute and transcend blockages, blind spots, traumas, limiting beliefs, and circumstances that diminish your power.


Calibrating from the inside-out, we align and focus your energy in the best possible way so that you may realize your best life and glow up.



I grew up deep inside the matrix—a time-space where people believe only a special extraverted few have value and worth. If you weren’t born with it, you’ve got to earn it! Some teenagers in my neighborhood accidentally got themselves killed thinking that way. But that’s another tale.

​In the late '80s, I was born into an average middle-class family in Phoenix, Arizona. Coming from a home with too much TV and video games, I didn’t play outside too much with my older sister or other kids. Dad was a pastor and professor at a Christian university. Mom stayed at home through my toddler years, then went back to work at the office. I was 8 when the Phoenix Lights phenomenon occurred and 10 when I first stepped foot in the Sedona vortex. These are the first other-worldly experiences I remember.

​Just as puberty kicked in, we moved to the suburbs of Atlanta. I spent many moments in confusion, shame, fear, anger, and despair. As I attempted to pray away everything I didn’t find acceptable about myself. That didn’t work, and just like my adult role models at the time, I ate, ate, ate, and ate some more to stuff my emotional pangs.

A decade before marriage equality became a thing, I was an undercover homo growing up in a sheltered and sanitized South without queer-identifying representation. I wasn’t sure of myself or brave enough to explore my differences. I sought to fit in and to pass without being called out. I just wanted to be known for the curated image I learned to project. I put up walls to protect myself from the potential pain of ridicule and the fear of rejection. But this just kept me blocked and stifled—not living life to the fullest.

At 21, while road-tripping with my frat bros to the "World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party", I got a call from Mom. Dad just died. We knew it was a ticking time bomb but didn’t talk about it much since he got back from rehab. Losing his religion and entering a decade-long void of addiction put him in the coffin at age 50, after suffering a heart attack on some drug dealer’s couch. Mom went through bankruptcy. I was numb. All I wanted was to leave this environment that never felt like home. By the time I finished college, I had regained the 50 pounds I had struggled to shed just a few years earlier as a onetime fat kid attending Weight Watchers.

​I took the smarts from University with me and began my professional career in the advertising industry. By age 25, I had moved with jobs to LA and NYC twice, lived in the hippest neighborhoods, embraced the bicoastal fantasy, jetted across Europe, and attained an obligatory six-figure salary. I turned my body around for the second time, losing 100 pounds in 9 months through a radical diet protocol, lifestyle change, and daily workouts on Santa Monica Beach.

​These accomplishments felt good. But like the illusory reward of the junk food I once ate, they couldn’t satisfy my deeper needs. Thank god a 5-year toxic relationship with a narcissistic boss-turned-business-partner pushed me to the edges of my ego and helped me claim my light.

Deep into working on a startup business with that thieving ex-boss, I embarked on a life by design coach training program in New York City. Of all places, it was in a basement hotel conference room on Wall Street where my heart grew three sizes! Soon after graduating, I manifested a relationship with my twin flame, now life partner, who happened to live 11,000 miles away at the time.

​These days you can count me amongst the self-aware in the city of angels. Through hundreds of workshops and plenty of study into healing modalities and medicines, transformative arts, and sciences, Los Angeles has made me into a well-rounded informant on countless methods, medicines, and mindsets that enhance life.

I left the full-time working world in 2014 as my growth strategy to expand my self-realization and pursue a life I love. While challenging, this decision unfolded naturally and blossomed my professional career in more interesting, novel, and fulfilling ways. I launched passion projects and new businesses, had time to find true love and friendship, explore my inner world, and seek and apply different wisdom teachings. All of this with the fringe benefits of working from wherever on the planet. What could be better?!

​I attribute most of my victories in life to keeping good on my promise to show up for myself—to do the work of self-discovery, traverse the vibrational soup of consciousness, and savor each juicy lesson I encounter so that I can continuously create a better future.

​​In January 2016, I had my dream wedding in Beverly Hills. My husband is now a permanent resident of the United States, remains the love of my life and best friend. We work at it a lot. In our telenovela together, we’ve become vegan for the animals, created beautiful homes in Los Angeles and Miami Beach, rescued Ziggy the dog, and Luna the cat from shelters; all while building businesses and careers that our in service to others.

My imperative is to witness you 
discover, impact, and realize
your preferred potentialities.