The ONLY Guru Is You

Consciousness hacking that turns the brights on.

See your personal success algorithm + code your kingdom. 

Shed pesky negativities and miscreations.

James R.

The thing I enjoyed most about coaching with Thom was the fresh and invigorating approach with which he conducted our sessions. He guided me towards an altered perspective that was more conducive to action and an awareness of the endless possibilities I could achieve when some simple obstacles of the mind were removed.

It was only with Thom's help that I was quickly able to recognise the frequency with which sabotaging thought patterns were occurring and was able to take action to change them.

Charmaine H.

Thom is an extraordinary coach! Everyday I count my blessings that I have the opportunity to work with him each week! He keeps me on track to embracing my greatness, and let's me see where my defaults are. He always brings me back to the present to accomplish all my highest desires and dreams! I highly recommend Thom to anyone I love because we all deserve someone in our lives who can truly see us and call us on our bullshit when we let the mind fall back into the ways of the world!

What to expect

My imperative is to enable you to realize your impact potential by unlocking answers and illuminating fresh understanding.